About Aaron Eden

Aaron Eden

(The views expressed on this blog are my own)

Okay, about me. I’m an educator. That’s the word I’m currently using, anyway. I play in the space where community, technology, and trust mingle to form powerful learning experiences. I recently traveled the world with my family for seven months, culminating in a year and a half stay in Bali, where we joined Green School — I served as Director of Entrepreneurial and Enterprise Programmes, and my three children attended as students. My recent past involved co-founding iLead+Design, a popup studio school in Monterey, California; serving as Director or Education Technology at Stevenson School, in Pebble Beach, California; and organizing TEDx events in Monterey. I am currently Co-Founder and Principal at Eliad Group, supporting educational and organizational transformation towards a sustainable future.

My mission:

Evolution occurs through mutation and iteration. This is true of learning people and learning organizations. I strive to co-create the necessary conditions and networks for rapid-prototyping of ideas, exploration, and growth in individuals, in classrooms, and in communities.

Critical to the above is to help re-think all of the relationships involved in learning, between:

  • Student and teacher
  • Student and learning
  • Student and peers
  • Student and self
  • School and community

Contact: aaron@edunautics.com