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Aaron Eden

Co-Founder, Eliad Group
Interim Executive Director, Institute for Applied Tinkering (Brightworks / Tinkering School)

Okay, about me. My work stems from the conviction that we need to radically change how we are raising and educating our young humans—if we want them to have the lives we hope for them, for them to have the lives they want for themselves, and for us all to have a sustainable future.

I’ve been involved in Self-Directed and Co-Creative Education since I was very young. Now I have the great pleasure of working with parents, students, schools, learning centers, and leaders all over the world to re-think our institutions and our relationships in service of a sustainable future.

I help start new schools that are trying to re-humanize education, and help existing ones transform to new paradigms of learning. I also coach parents and learning facilitators that are working to support Self-Directed Education in non-formal learning environments.

If you are a school leader, a parent, a teacher, or a learning center facilitator, and you are struggling to shift how you support the youth in your life, please contact me.

email: aaron@edunautics.com