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I speak at conferences around the world and my reviews are consistently at the top of every event. I speak to leaders, teachers, parents, and students, and help re-frame what is needed in education and how to get there.

How We Teach (Goa, India)
Transforming Education
Entrepreneurial Education


I consult with schools around the world to re-humanize education. New schools trying to do it right from the get-go or established schools wanting to transform. Everything from clarifying vision and mission, to defining the program structures, to training teachers and developing leadership.

Below are videos of programs I have built.

iLead+Design Program
Green LEAP Program
Entrepreneurial Education

I work with schools of all levels and all types of learning communities in the areas of:

  • Self-Directed Education (SDE)
  • Entrepreneurial learning
  • Community integration
  • Learning by doing
  • Technology integration
  • Information and communication literacy
  • Critical skills development
  • Innovative and experiential learning
  • Social enterprise and service as program extension

Trainings and Workshops:

  • Creating Entrepreneurial Learners
  • Educating Through Sustainability
  • Making Technology Fit
  • Community Integrated Learning
  • Strengths-based Professional Development

Managing Change:

  • Facilitate conversations to refine vision
  • Design and implement organization-wide training for sustainable implementation
  • Support leadership in making the case for necessary changes, and in roadmaps for implementation

 The Important Questions:


  • Why should the primary goal in education be to develop entrepreneurial learners, and what does that look like?
  • How do you successfully make the case for this focus to your constituents?
  • What is educating for sustainability, and what does it look like?
  • What should be the role of technology in learning, and what is the best way for teachers and organizations to approach the relationship between the two?
  • How do you develop technology mindsets and competencies within faculty and student populations?


  • How do you train faculty to be able to excel in developing and facilitating learning experiences that support building entrepreneurial learners?
  • How can you design and support internal strength-based professional development programs to gradually build capacity in this area?


  • What is the role of leadership in managing and modeling an entrepreneurial learning environment?
  • Where is the balance between prescription and support in building an entrepreneurial learning environment?

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