Educational Technology and the 21st Century

Well a new school year is almost upon us, and with it the continual dance with the challenges and opportunities of the information age. Independent schools are in a unique position in that we do not have the limitations faced by the bureaucracy and mandates of the public school system, but at the same time we do not have the benefit of the combined resources and structure that come along with that.

In this inaugural post, I will be outlining some of the projects and challenges we will be working on at my school over the next year, and which I will be documenting in this blog.

  • 21st Century Skills integration
  • Media archiving
  • Independent school marketing, including social media (Facebook, etc.) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website development
  • Communications (internal and external)
  • Instructional design
  • Educational technology and tools
  • E-rate

Stay tuned for regular updates to these topics and more…

Published by Aaron Eden

What's your Give? I think that is a critical question in everything we do. What value are we creating? The core of my work is educating for a sustainable future. Value-oriented learning. Community-integrated learning. Social entrepreneurship. Emergent, inquiry-driven, entrepreneurial learning. I've spent the last 20 years designing and facilitating face-to-face and online learning experiences and co-creative processes that help individuals and organizations develop the skills and attributes to transform themselves and the world. I have extensive experience in instructional and learning experience design, innovation, and technology spaces.

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