Kennedy School Takeaways – Information and Education

I had a fantastic conversation recently with Don Oppenheimer, Associate Dean and Chief Information Officer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Interestingly, his main background and experience is less in education and technology than in knowledge management (KM), and management consulting. Part of his current focus at the Kennedy School is to help with:
•    Internal knowledge management from a research and faculty perspective
•     Providing easy and open access to the intellectual capital created internally at Harvard
•     Educating the faculty and student body on tools and best practices for accessing information to support their studies, work, and research

I approached Don based on his job title which I found very interesting (and based on the fact that we are related, albeit in a labyrinthine way), because I intuited correctly that we shared similar interests and challenges in our work. In both cases, albeit in different levels of education, we are facing myriad challenges at all organizational and cultural levels to bring about organizational change in a way that integrates a forward-looking approach to education and information / knowledge management.

Here are some of the takeaways from our conversation: Continue reading