ISTE 2010 – Leadership Bootcamp

This was the first year of the leadership bootcamp at ISTE, with help from TIE Colorado. Not the best use of everyone’s time, but not a bad first year. Chris Lehmann’s (blog) lunch address was worth the day in itself. Most of the sessions in the three tracks were focused on professional learning networks, or some variation thereof, and there was significant overlap between all of the sessions. And as usual, there was plenty of do as I say and not as I do.

Here are the nuggets from Chris’s lunch address, though, which I thought were very valuable and worth repeating:

Angelo Patri
Innovative educator early 1900s. Look into what he was up to

Education not training

Citizens not workers

Responsibility instead of accountability

Innovation not change

Technology like oxygen
Ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible

Neil Postman – check him out

Read Dewey again. Just do it

What’s good not what’s new

Empower teachers and students

Students should sit on every panel making divisions about the school

Not how will we fix schools but what do we want them to be

Focus on the middle third

Not me making you better but you and me making us better

Published by Aaron Eden

What's your Give? I think that is a critical question in everything we do. What value are we creating? The core of my work is educating for a sustainable future. Value-oriented learning. Community-integrated learning. Social entrepreneurship. Emergent, inquiry-driven, entrepreneurial learning. I've spent the last 20 years designing and facilitating face-to-face and online learning experiences and co-creative processes that help individuals and organizations develop the skills and attributes to transform themselves and the world. I have extensive experience in instructional and learning experience design, innovation, and technology spaces.

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