ISTE 2010 – Day 2 Takeaways

Also known as Alan November day. Here are nuggets from two great sessions with Alan:

Alan November
Empathy: The 21st-Century Skill blog /  podcasts

Globalize the curriculum

Develop contacts with teachers and children around the world

Overseas students work harder than their teachers. How do we do that

CEO of largest bank in world: most important skill for global business
= empathy

Michael Wesch (videos on YouTube
Anthropologist) – independently also says empathy

West point mission study commissioned by Petreus: old mission = win
the war
New mission = win the peace

Difference is not adding technology to old curriculum.
Do we need to change our mission?
Test scores as mission is way to fail.
Impose NCLB on other countries if we want to win

How you set up your search determines what viewpoint you get – what do
they think in turkey? Use root zone database for country codes

Assignment: what are British kids essays like on the American
revolution? “American revolution”
Compare and contrast brit and American point of view. Find email
address of teacher who is responsible for content.
Will students be more prepared for the skype debate with the Brit students
or for test on subject: was revolution inevitable?

All content involving other countries or cultures should involve
finding their viewpoint

Starting in kindergarten!

Public schools were put in place for democracy

Tools needed to become president are blocked in most schools (social

Digital Learning Farm: Students as Contributors

We have undervalued the contribution that can be made by kids in our

Strategy for improving learning is to focus on the conversations
between kids

Purpose, not just relevance for school “work”

Students could design tutorials for the entire curriculum

Not grading produces better work if there is purpose in the assignment

First day of school
Give kids top ten most difficult concepts and ask them to help teach it

See hitech high
Best test scores in CA

Shift control of learning to students
And responsibility

Rich media stories of what they learned that week
Do not grade these ! Reduces quality (dan pink )

Rotating scribes (or scribe teams) as benefit to learning, sharing,
social integration , and formative feedback to teacher
-by end of year kids have written the textbook, adding much of their
own content

Team of kids:  find all the applications of a cell phone for learning

Have kids contribute to building custom search engines (and teachers)

“Can I answer my own question too?”

Official researcher (rotating) finding best resources during each
lecture to place into custom search engine

Global communicator too – find global contacts related for each lesson
for authentic interaction and other viewpoints

Use – kids raise money and decide who to give it to

Have kids create or edit wikipedia entries

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