Teaching and Assessing Skills

So we’ve looked at what 21st Century Skills are, why they are important, and how skills relate to content. The next question is, How do you teach these skills (and by implication, assess them)? As I said in my last post, the way to teach these skills is to get explicit: name the skill (thanks AngelaContinue reading “Teaching and Assessing Skills”

Knowledge vs. Skills – The 21st Century Debate

The American Association of Colleges and Universities stressed in its 2002 report, Greater Expectations: A New Vision for Learning as a Nation Goes to College, that… “the current emphasis on “factual recall” is a major barrier to success in college. Today’s college students, the report concludes, need to be “integrative thinkers who can see connectionsContinue reading “Knowledge vs. Skills – The 21st Century Debate”

Kennedy School Takeaways – Information and Education

I had a fantastic conversation recently with Don Oppenheimer, Associate Dean and Chief Information Officer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Interestingly, his main background and experience is less in education and technology than in knowledge management (KM), and management consulting. Part of his current focus at the Kennedy School is to help with:Continue reading “Kennedy School Takeaways – Information and Education”

Don’t Build Your Teaching Around Technology

We in education have spent far too many years trying to integrate technology tools into the classroom. By that I do not mean that technology should be avoided in teaching. Far from it. However, the approach in the past has been to pick the tool, and then try to figure out how to wrap instructionContinue reading “Don’t Build Your Teaching Around Technology”

21st Century Skills – Are They Neither? (Part 1)

So we’re in the process of 21st Century Skills (see ISTE NETS and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills) integration at our school. We’ll get into the details of that process in future posts, but I want to immediately get at a couple of points that keep coming up. Thanks Jon Kemmerer for not givingContinue reading “21st Century Skills – Are They Neither? (Part 1)”