Value-based Learning: From Bake-sale to Brilliant

Schools all over are trying to figure out how to provide real-world learning for their students and many are beginning to realize how much a regular school schedule gets in the way of curating authentic learning experiences. Part of “real-world” is rethinking how we structure our time. I have previously written about the importance ofContinue reading “Value-based Learning: From Bake-sale to Brilliant”

Concentrated Endeavor

I often get asked about the learning environments that support entrepreneurial learning/21st century skills development. There are many practices that weave together to create proper conditions, informed by guiding principles and paradigms such as: Education must be real. Primary focus should be creating advanced learners (see my Teaching Without Knowing post for more on this) We must scaffold our studentsContinue reading “Concentrated Endeavor”

Noticing and Wondering: Kicking off and supporting enquiry

Noticing and Wondering (Special thanks to colleague Sara Soulier who helped me workshop this at a recent conference) Could there be any more important skills than the skills to notice and to wonder? The normal paradigm in school is to train students that what other people notice and wonder about is more important than theirContinue reading “Noticing and Wondering: Kicking off and supporting enquiry”

Reflection on Persuasion

This reflection on persuasion was done by me as part of an exercise in my Communication and Media Literacy class.  (You can find the Teacher Edition here). “On Persuasion” When I think about persuasion, I realize that we are always trying to persuade people to either do things or believe things. Often, it is ourselvesContinue reading “Reflection on Persuasion”

Physical Orientation Predicts Team Performance (concise version)

(This is the relatively concise version of this post, relatively light on the preaching. To see the full post, with more preaching and more details about the challenge, click here). I’m sure this has been written about in a thousand other places, but I have some recent evidence to support the idea that small teams thatContinue reading “Physical Orientation Predicts Team Performance (concise version)”

Physical Orientation Predicts Team Performance

(This is the more detailed and slightly more preachy version of this missive. For the relatively more concise and less preachy version, click here). Assertions: Small teams that orient themselves in physical shapes conducive to communication will outperform teams that do not. This law of Team Orientation is best learned through doing, and not fromContinue reading “Physical Orientation Predicts Team Performance”

Don’t Build Your Teaching Around Technology

We in education have spent far too many years trying to integrate technology tools into the classroom. By that I do not mean that technology should be avoided in teaching. Far from it. However, the approach in the past has been to pick the tool, and then try to figure out how to wrap instructionContinue reading “Don’t Build Your Teaching Around Technology”