ISTE 2010 – Day 2 Takeaways

Also known as Alan November day. Here are nuggets from two great sessions with Alan: Alan November Empathy: The 21st-Century Skill blog /  podcasts Globalize the curriculum Develop contacts with teachers and children around the world Overseas students work harder than their teachers. How do we do that here? CEO of largest bank inContinue reading “ISTE 2010 – Day 2 Takeaways”

ISTE 2010 – Leadership Bootcamp

This was the first year of the leadership bootcamp at ISTE, with help from TIE Colorado. Not the best use of everyone’s time, but not a bad first year. Chris Lehmann’s (blog) lunch address was worth the day in itself. Most of the sessions in the three tracks were focused on professional learning networks, orContinue reading “ISTE 2010 – Leadership Bootcamp”

Great Teachers

A recent article in the Atlantic, What Makes a Great Teacher, is a bit of a long read, but contains some excellent information. What makes a great teacher? Teach for America mines years of experience and on one of the broadest sets of data ever on the subject to propose the common characteristics of successfulContinue reading “Great Teachers”