Schools and Change – Do We Adapt or Do We React?

A recent post by Clay Shirky – Institutions, Confidence, and the News Crisis – got me thinking about schools as institutions, and how they handle change. Here’s a quote form the post: “The ability of institutions to adapt slowly while preserving continuity of mission and process is exactly what lets them last longer than aContinue reading “Schools and Change – Do We Adapt or Do We React?”

21st Century Skills for Teachers

Teacher skills in 50 words or less.  Go….! Here’s my stab at it: “Every teacher should be able to articulate how their lessons engage higher order learning, how they offer the opportunity for development of critical skills, how learning outcomes offer related evidence, and how assessment is used to provide formative feedback in both areas.”Continue reading “21st Century Skills for Teachers”

Role of Technology in Education

As most of us know, literacy is not just about reading any more. The printed book was a giant leap forward in our ability to distribute information, but we are now in the fairly early stages of another information revolution – one that requires the definition of literacy to be expanded. In today’s world, weContinue reading “Role of Technology in Education”

ISTE 2010 – Day 2 Takeaways

Also known as Alan November day. Here are nuggets from two great sessions with Alan: Alan November Empathy: The 21st-Century Skill blog /  podcasts Globalize the curriculum Develop contacts with teachers and children around the world Overseas students work harder than their teachers. How do we do that here? CEO of largest bank inContinue reading “ISTE 2010 – Day 2 Takeaways”

ISTE 2010 – Leadership Bootcamp

This was the first year of the leadership bootcamp at ISTE, with help from TIE Colorado. Not the best use of everyone’s time, but not a bad first year. Chris Lehmann’s (blog) lunch address was worth the day in itself. Most of the sessions in the three tracks were focused on professional learning networks, orContinue reading “ISTE 2010 – Leadership Bootcamp”

ISTE 2010 – Day 1 Takeaways

OK, please forgive the stream of consciousness here. This is mostly a compilation of my notes from these sessions, with some added thoughts. here and there. Unless otherwise clear, the ideas here are from the presenters ( I don’t want to misrepresent any of the genius here as my own). Everyth9ing written here is somethingContinue reading “ISTE 2010 – Day 1 Takeaways”

Great Teachers

A recent article in the Atlantic, What Makes a Great Teacher, is a bit of a long read, but contains some excellent information. What makes a great teacher? Teach for America mines years of experience and on one of the broadest sets of data ever on the subject to propose the common characteristics of successfulContinue reading “Great Teachers”

Teaching and Assessing Skills

So we’ve looked at what 21st Century Skills are, why they are important, and how skills relate to content. The next question is, How do you teach these skills (and by implication, assess them)? As I said in my last post, the way to teach these skills is to get explicit: name the skill (thanks AngelaContinue reading “Teaching and Assessing Skills”

Knowledge vs. Skills – The 21st Century Debate

The American Association of Colleges and Universities stressed in its 2002 report, Greater Expectations: A New Vision for Learning as a Nation Goes to College, that… “the current emphasis on “factual recall” is a major barrier to success in college. Today’s college students, the report concludes, need to be “integrative thinkers who can see connectionsContinue reading “Knowledge vs. Skills – The 21st Century Debate”

Kennedy School Takeaways – Information and Education

I had a fantastic conversation recently with Don Oppenheimer, Associate Dean and Chief Information Officer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Interestingly, his main background and experience is less in education and technology than in knowledge management (KM), and management consulting. Part of his current focus at the Kennedy School is to help with:Continue reading “Kennedy School Takeaways – Information and Education”